Terms and Conditions B&B

Our terms and conditions

  1. ​Privacy : The privacy of our guests is our main concern. We will never share your email or personal information with third parties.
  2. Day of arrival: Your room is available from 4 PM, check-in is possible between 4 PM and 10 PM. Other arrangements are possible if discussed and confirmed by us in advance by telephone or email. ​Day of departure: Please vacate your room before 11 am
  3. . ​Payment Methods Accepted: Cash or bank transfer
  4. ​Pets: Pets are NOT allowed in Casa Flora  (as we have 3 outdoor cats and a dog ourselves)
  5. ​Food and drink: Breakfast can always be booked, 15.00/per day, per person
  6. The outdoor bar is operated exclusively by the owners . There is also an honesty bar with cooled drinks, coffee and snacks. The consumption of the honesty bar and the outdoor bar is not included in the room price!
  7. ​Smoking: Smoking is only allowed OUTSIDE.
 Reservations and advances

To validate/complete your reservation,
 an advance of 50% of the total amount must be transferred to the next account within 7 working days.
 no: ES44 0237 0644 80 91 7235 1156 , Cajasur Banc . As soon as the advance is on the account,
 the reservation is final.

The remaining amount of your stay must be paid at least 30 days before your arrival.
If the remaining amount is not paid before the specified date, your reservation will automatically expire.
In this case you will not receive a refund of your reservation deposit

Any cancellation must be notified to us by email.
 You will also receive a confirmation of your cancellation by e-mail.
In case of cancellation, the following conditions apply:

less than 45 days before the start of your stay you will not receive a refund of your reservation deposit .
less than 20 days before the start of your stay, you will not receive a refund of the amount paid.
in case of early departure you will not receive any refund.
​Parking: You can park for free along the street .


We are not liable for accidents, damage or theft. Take good care of yourself and your belongings.

Entering the domain and using our facilities and equipment is entirely at your own risk.

Damage caused to the rooms or domain will be charged immediately.

In case of loss of keys , a fee of 25 euros will be charged immediately .

Algemene voorwaarden online boekingssoftware

These terms and conditions of use apply to all reservations made through this reservation site, including any subsequent changes.

Terms of use for booking accommodation with Logismanager

Article 1. Definitions

In the context of these terms of use, the following terms have the following meanings:

THE ACCOMMODATION: Any operator of an accommodation company that complies with the permits imposed on him for operating accommodation. In this case CASA FLORA.

THE CUSTOMER: Any user who uses the WEB MODULE to reserve room (s) with the ACCOMMODATION PROVIDER.

THE MEDIATOR: VEWARE (www.veware.be)

WEB MODULE: A software program based on internet technologies that allows the INTERMEDIARY to display and reserve tourist products on-line. The program manages communication between the CUSTOMER and the ACCOMMODATION FOR PROCESSING on-line reservations.

Article 2. General provisions

THE MEDIATOR makes the WEB MODULE available to the CUSTOMER. By using the WEB MODULE, the CLIENT grants permission to the MEDIATOR to act as an intermediary when sending information between the CLIENT and the PROVIDER. Any financial transaction resulting from a reservation or cancellation is made directly between the CUSTOMER and the ACCOMMODATION.

Article 3. Use of the WEB MODULE

The use of this WEB MODULE by the customer is free of charge.

In order to use the WEB MODULE, the CUSTOMER must have a valid credit or bank card. When using the WEB MODULE, the CUSTOMER undertakes to notify the MEDIATOR (www.veware.be) immediately in case of breaches of the CUSTOMER’s security or of this website.

The right of use granted to the CUSTOMER is limited to the reservation and possible cancellation of products offered via the WEB MODULE. The CUSTOMER has no right to rent, lease, sublicense, alienate, grant limited rights or make available to third parties the right to use the WEB MODULE.

Article 4. Sales conditions

The PROVIDER can specify own and time-varying prices, discounts and cancellation conditions in the WEB MODULE.

The LODGER reserves the right to perform a pre-authorization as a guarantee for the reservation on the credit card used by the CUSTOMER. CUSTOMER’s credit card information is held in a secure database for up to 1 month from the date the performance is believed to have been delivered. Thus, the PROVIDER can use this information to debit a CLIENT’s account in case of non-cancellation or late cancellation of a reservation registered in the WEB MODULE that could not be met due to the CLIENT.

Article 5. Guarantees

Under no circumstances can the MEDIATOR substitute for or guarantee third parties with regard to the provision of availability via the WEB MODULE. The specification of availability in the WEB MODULE is based on the voluntary cooperation of the ACCOMMODATION PROVIDER.

THE MEDIATOR makes the WEB MODULE available in its current state without any express or implied warranty, including, but not limited to, the implied warranty of availability, suitability, or non-conflict.

THE MEDIATOR does not warrant that the WEB MODULE or related software will meet the CUSTOMER’s requirements, or that the WEB MODULE or related software will operate continuously, timely or error-free; neither does the INTERMEDIATE warrant the results that may arise from the use of the WEB MODULE or related software. Furthermore, the MEDIATOR does not guarantee that defects in the WEB MODULE or related software will be corrected.

CUSTOMER acknowledges that there are inherent limitations to the safe execution of transactions on-line. CUSTOMER agrees to determine for himself whether the WEB MODULE and related software meet the security standards applicable to him / her.

The CUSTOMER is fully responsible for the adequate security of his / her equipment, software programs, information and data or other material and / or other information that may be affected when using the WEB MODULE and related software.

Article 6. Liability

The intervention of the MEDIATOR is limited to the online availability, prices and cancellation conditions of the LODGE PROVIDER and the forwarding of the reservation / cancellation of the CUSTOMER and his data to the LODGE PROVIDER.

THE MEDIATOR is not responsible in the event of a system interruption for any reason whatsoever, even if this cannot be defined as force majeure.  THE MEDIATOR use all possible means to put an end to this interruption as soon as possible, without the CUSTOMER and / or LODGING PROPERTY being entitled to any compensation whatsoever as a result of this interruption.

THE MEDIATOR cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies in the information that the CLIENT has communicated to the LODGING PROPERTY through the WEB MODULE. THE MEDIATOR cannot be held responsible by the CUSTOMER for incorrect or incomplete information provided by the ACCOMMODATION PROVIDER.

The PROVIDER is solely responsible for whether or not a product or service that is part of a reservation is available. THE MEDIATOR cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from such unavailability.

THE MEDIATOR cannot be held liable by the CUSTOMER for a shortcoming in the services of the LODGES PROVIDER. In the event of any complaints about the stay, the CUSTOMER must contact the LODGING PROPERTY during his / her stay.

THE MEDIATOR cannot be held liable by the CUSTOMER for delays, the failure to function error-free and / or the complete or partial failure of its website, the WEB MODULE or related software. The CUSTOMER has no claim to compensation where appropriate. THE MEDIATOR expressly disclaims any liability for delays in data transfers that result from or are related to the WEB MODULE or related software.

The INTERMEDIARY cannot be held responsible for the compatibility of the WEB MODULE with the CUSTOMER’s equipment, software programs information and data or for the inability to use or damage equipment, software programs, information and data of the CUSTOMER as a result of the use of the CUSTOMER. WEB MODULE and related software.

THE MEDIATOR cannot be held liable by the CUSTOMER for any indirect, accidental or special damage caused by messages received or transactions entered with the WEB MODULE or related software.

Article 7. Special provisions

CUSTOMER agrees to indemnify, defend and indemnify the MEDIATOR from liability, loss, claims and costs, including attorneys’ fees that arise if he / she violates these terms of use or use of the WEB MODULE.

The CUSTOMER agrees to respect the conditions as set out in the conditions for the INTERMEDIARY’s website (see www.veware.be). The CUSTOMER can view these conditions by clicking on the link “General conditions” on the homepage. By simply using the WEB MODULE, the CUSTOMER and the PROVIDER unconditionally agree to these general terms and conditions of sale of the MEDIATOR.

The MEDIATOR may keep the name, address and / or email address of the CUSTOMER for its own promotional purposes. THE MEDIATOR respects the legislation on the protection of personal data.

THE MEDIATOR can / may change the terms of use at any time by posting a revision of these terms of use on its website. Changes are effective as soon as they appear on the website. THE MEDIATOR is not obliged to notify the CUSTOMER of such changes. It is the CUSTOMER’s responsibility to review the Terms of Use periodically to stay informed of any changes. If the CUSTOMER continues to use the WEB MODULE, it is assumed that he / she agrees with the changes made.

THE MEDIATOR may terminate the WEB MODULE or use of this service at any time.

Any questions from the CUSTOMER will only be dealt with during the working days.